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Buenos Aires

Libertador 5990, Oficina 406, Ciudad de Buenos Aires, PC:1428

Tel +54 (11) 4807-5514

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A much less ambitious project, but definitely an heir to the learned experiences and quality in the London Bvlgari Hotel, Chacabuco 1353 was GBS´s first project in Argentina. Anxious to exploit a commodity-driven export boom, and a structural deficit residential units, GBS made this first foray  into, not just Argentina, but Latin America as a whole. This project is still being finalized, but has so far served as another palpable example of GBS´s execution capacities. Of this building, 9 units were sold to Metrospaces at cost. This should give Metrospaces great assets to either sell at a profit, or rent out to tourists.

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