Metrospaces (OTC: MSPC) is a in New York-Based, real estate development firm focused on US mid-sized real estate deals and operating companies with a strong real estate component

Hotel Esencia | Riviera Maya

Hotel Esencia | Riviera Maya

Our History

Metrospaces is a US-based real estate developer founded by some of the partners of GBS Capital Partners, a Miami-based Merchant Banking firm, specializing in cross-continent financing and investing.  GBS Capital Partners has directly, and indirectly developed real estate projects worldwide, including the London Bulgari Hotel. The approximate amount of financing either invested or raised by GBS Capital Partners is in excess of $550 million. Back in 2014, Metrospaces added Mr. Carlos Daniel Silva as its CEO, bringing world-class hotel operations, development and financial skill to Senior Management. Metrospaces is the coming together of GBS´s vast industry relationships and expertise, with some of the world´s most prestigious hotel development and investment talent,  all set up in the style of a boutique real estate developer. That translates to a very low overhead operation where management's compensation is highly incentivized to create shareholder value and returns. 

Metrospaces has made a special focus on its business plan to create and earn the trust of some of the world´s most important real estate entrepreneurs, particularly in US. This gives us unparalleled access to investment opportunities in established and emerging markets without the overhead of international offices.  We simply partner with the best around the world in JV type of associations

Hotel Ikal del Mar | Riviera Maya

Hotel Ikal del Mar | Riviera Maya



Business Model

Metrospaces will look to use its world-wide relationships in financing and real estate developers to find co-investment and development opportunities in home building, residential and hotel. Additionally, Metrospaces will invest in operating companies that are real estate based, such as hotel operators and senior facilities operators. Thirdly, Metrospaces will invest in corporate reorganization.  A key part of Metrospaces business model execution is the fact that the company will maintain a cost structure that will include a very low overhead, with incentives across the board to all company employees and management, keeping them fully engaged with the shareholders interests. In particular, Senior Management’s compensation is based in company equity, therefore are incentivized to create high IRRs to shareholders. Currently, Metrospaces is looking at different opportunities of which some are already being executed on.

Competitive Edge

The real estate market is and has been a fairly competitive industry world-wide.  Nonetheless, like in every industry, there are those that separate themselves from the rest due to simply and complete adherence to execution in product quality and financial performance.

Metrospaces as in the past, will strive to achieve the highest level of execution in each project we participate in. In order to best achieve these results, Metrospaces has realized a set up in the style of a boutique private equity firm gives.  This management structure allows for lots of flexibility in its business execution. This allows for a very low overhead, and gives management the proper incentives to create returns own investment.  Management has a very high stake as shareholders, so incentives are very much in line with investors/shareholders. Additionally, due to management´s track record and background, this management team brings special attributes to perform under this business model:

Access to deal flow:

  • Access to Business and Political Leaders Across Different Regions

  • Over $400MM in Cross-Border Financing since 2007

  • Unparalleled Relationships with Investment Bankers, Real Estate Entrepreneurs, Political Leaders and High Net-Worth Individuals across the globe

  • Focus on Mid-Sized Deals

Our formula for success is:

  • Strong Strategic Local Partners

  • Knowledge of Local Market and Players

  • Long-term Local thinking

  • Creativity in Business Execution and Processes

  • Access Across Many Different Capital Markets

A different approach to Real Estate investing:

  • Entrepreneurial Thinking

  • Partnering with the best and most respected real estate people in the world

  • Big Focus on JV’s with Established players

  • Low Cost Overhead

  • Success-based Senior Management Compensation

  • Strong Focus on Land Owner JV Developments

Risk Management / Investment Criteria

Metrospaces has elaborated a very detailed investment strategy, were risk management is at the center of.  Management has outlined very specific investments guidelines to give the firm enough time and cash to wait out any future potential world financial meltdowns and crisis.  Management saw these events coming before 2008, and made sure we were properly structured to weather any turmoil in the financial markets. We are thus finding incredible opportunities in the high-end small to mid-sized projects throughout Latin America.

Investment Focus

At METROSPACES the premise behind every investment decision is long-term thinking. This premise gives us a frame of mind that considers world and local economic cycles. Our investment focus is on one that is in an investment range we feel we can handle, even under dire credit market and financial turmoil.  Our investments will seek a strategic portfolio diversification, coupled with low leverage and potential income.

  • Opportunistic acquisitions of income properties

  • Developments projects throughout the region

  • Equity investments size: $3-4MM per project

  • Land owner JV projects

  • Geographic diversification




creating value for our shareholders



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